Can we integrate 3rd party app

Hi i want to integrate this app in to my samba pos is it possible to do and here is the link for that app

with help GQL possible.

it seems that the same functionality provides SambaPOS Go project (I do not know at what stage he is now)

Not in v4 you can’t. You would need to first update to v5

is it possible to do in v5

It is possible yes. You would need to hire someone to do it as it’s not an easy task.

Ok thank you jesse can i message u in private jesse

I won’t be able to do it. I’m not a programmer nor do I have the time.

Ok but thanks a lot you have help me alwys

Hi can i get professional to get this integrate i can pay for this

Looking at there website it looks like your going to need a custom premium package to have a POS intergration, looks like Inc features are bold and POS intergration isn’t bold untill last package.
You need to check what kind of API they offer and if they only offer in top package if you can justify that cost.

sure i will get this confirmation but i want some one to do this for me and i will pay for it

You need to hire a developer for that.

ya i am searching but i am not getting

Most of the people on this forum are not developers. You will need to hire one outside of here.

ok jesse thank you but if search from outside they ask for source code of sambapos lol :grinning:

Your hiring wrong type then. Or your not explaining it to them correctly.

i saw a guy who has customize sambpos3 he has put add that he do customization for payment when i ask him he said he want source code if not its not possible

Wrong guy then. This is not v3 and you don’t need source code any real dev would appreciate that.

You need to hire someone that is proficient in jscript, and knowledgeable with gql etc. Someone that would look at what’s available and ask questions about the API.

ok sure i will try to find some one if you know any one please let me know pls