Can we not set line breaks in popup message?

Just checking encase I missed one but have tried the usual /r <br/> and <linebreak/>

It is \r for line break in Show Message. Only one that works

\r :relaxed: oops.
but doesnt seem to work in popup, can you confirm?

Do you mean Show message action or something else?

\r works in Show Message action, I am positive.

No, display popup action

Maybe try using script embed newline :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I worked a cheap option out of dumping a bunch of spaces in as first like is a constant.
Since there is no command value in broadcast message I had to prefix the data with a fixed string to constrain against on the message received action.
As the prefix will be the same dropped a dozen spaces in between it and the value.

@emre think a command and command value would be handy in display popup.
Also had a thought today - previously mentioned time out for display popup but alternatively if not easy/possible how about option to override previous popup with the same name.?