Can we set Two Menus On One Department?

I want to view two different menu on one machine and same department. is it possible?

i want it in this way: two entity screen bar and food then menu1 for bar and menu2 for food. how can i set ticket type for menu2 in one department?

Create Bar Menu , Food Menu
Create Bar Ticket Type, Food Ticket Type. Assign related menus.
Create Bar Entity Screen, Food Entity Screen. Assign related ticket types.

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thnks @emre was a great help!!!

I followed this guide but I always show a single menu
how so? where am I wrong?
thank you

i have menu1 for bar ticket:

and the menu 2 for ticket:

and no default menu set under restaurant

and have to set ticket type for bar entity: bar ticket type to cafe entity

and ticket to table entity

hope this solves your problem

I did exactly as the guide,
the problem is that I always displays the same menu.
the strange thing is that if I go in the ticket the ticket created are marked in 2 ways

then can you show how you did

Is there a way to set up 2 menus and work on the same ticket? Have food and bar. but customers what to drink some times while eating, I don want to create 2 bills. Thank you.