Can you Park a sale and recall it later?


Id like to create a button to “park” a sale to be completed later, i have some items that are personalised so the customer will order, i can add notes to the order detailed what the customer wants then i want to be able to “park” the order so that it closes but does not settle, just remains open. Then when the customer returns I can go to the ticket list, find the parked sale, re-open it and take payment

Is there a way of setting this up?


Yes you would select Customer Name at top left of your POS screen: Enter their name : Select New Customer if not in system or select customer if already in system. Once customer is selected just hit close.

You do not have to use Ticket Lister you can use an Unpaid Orders Entity Screen

Brill thanks!!

Little problem, you helped me change the “close button” to be a cancel ticket button, how can i re-create a new close button?


and how do i view the unpaid orders entity?

I showed you how to make an abort transaction button you should still have the close button. After closing ticket to return to the Unpaid Tickets Entity Screen simply just press Select Customer from upper left of POS screen and then press your Unpaid Tickets Button.

Make an Unpaid Tickets Entity Screen:

Set the Entity Type to Customer and the State Filter to New Orders

Set Default Mappings:

Brill its sorted thanks again, id hidden the close button from the order screen! all works thank again