Can you query the price of one product when ordering/tagging another?

hi all,

I was thinking about the ordertag management where we have multiple portions…

For example, for our pizza, we have 3 order tag groups, all with the same items, but with different prices depending on the size it’s tagged to .

I.e we have 3 order tag groups
Pizza small
Pizza medium
Pizza large

each with a mushroom tag, but with different prices.

I was wondering if there was a better way of doing this …

i.e could we create mushrooms as a product with 3 portions (small, medium large) and then when you are tagging a product, trigger a query of the product list for the name of the tag, get the cost of that portion and add it to that tag…

i.e is this possible ? am i over complicating this ? if it is possible, how could it be done ?

Thanks again for your help !

You can map tags to portions. So it would look like same tag but be different prices for each portion.

Thanks @Jesse… that’s what i have at the moment,

but it means any time the tags change, updating things in multiple spots, etc…

I’d rather simply add one order tag group and then allow them to be priced differently based on the portion…