Canadian POS system requires rounding on cash purchases

In Canada we have gotten rid of our pennies, I would like to find a way to round up/down depending on the cent number on all cash purchases (if 0.02 round down, if 0.03 round up ect). I can only a rounding button, which only works when you remember to press it, and can only round by a specific number in one direction. Eg if I type in 0.05 in rate, it will just add 0.05 to the total when I press the button. Any help would be appreciated.

Do a forum search for auto round it’s been thoroughly discussed.

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second hit on search for rounding. Includes screenshots for setting up auto rounding.

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I followed pieces of that tutorial, now I have a rounding button that works just fine, but I want it to automatically trigger when you try to pay through cash. This is what I have and the error I get.