Cancel button displays payment screen

Whenever i i remove part of and order but canceling it im always taken to the payment screen but i want to be able to go back to the selection screen to add new items to the order how would i do this

You must have a stray action in your cancel order workflow.
Can you show the automation command rule for cancel order button?

i only have the default cancel order rule

Ok, seems ok, how about the settle button rule? maybe there is extra constraint picking up on the cancel button.

Hmmmm, again all seems ok.
Are the selected orders actually being canceled?

yes as there’s a confirmation on canceling orders so you once the button is pressed it take you straight to the payment screen instead of back to the menu selection

OK so its not the default cancel orders process…
Can you show the cancel orders rule again but ‘open’/show the action settings.
If there arent any please show the action itself. (the ask question that your showing there.)

Sorry, you just turned on the confirmation prompt for the command button.

So to clarify you select an order, press cancel, you then get the confirmation prompt, do you get payment screen on just yes or no aswell?

only get payment screen on pressing yes on confirmation but also if i turn confirmation off and cancel it goes right to the payment screen also.

Something is broken in your rules. Check make sure you don’t have an Automation Command Execution rule without a constraint for command.

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found thanks my close ticket rule was using default cancel orders as a constraint thanks for then help. :smile:

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