Cancel button on left side of ticket gone?

Updated samba program today and the CANCEL button when you are in a ticket screen has now disappeared. This is going to lead to too many voids as sometimes servers punch in the wrong items and immediately correct them. Is this something I have done or is it the update ?

Do you have Default Cancel Orders listed under Management > Settings > Automation > Automation Commands? Can you see Ticket Note, Move buttons inside ticket?

on the ticket screen I have , Change Table, Select Customer, Print Bill and Add Ticket then when I add a item to the ticket and click on the item it gives me the + and - button, Gift and Void…

default ticket orders is not listed under automation commands

Did you restored a backup after updating SambaPOS? If so did you used backup module?

No, i didnt restore a backup

Do you have Database Tools module? If you have I can send a import file that generates default buttons.

yes, that would be great, thanks.

Extract this somewhere and import contained txt file.
Default Ticket (985 Bytes)

Open Management > Automation > Automation Commands > and disable Clear Selection setting for these buttons.

  • Default Cancel Orders
  • Default Move Orders
  • Default Change Price


I have exact same problem except i dont have Database Tools, please help!

You do not need Database Tools anymore. Install latest version of SambaPOS4 and then go to

Manage > Settings > Program Settings > Maintenance

Click Rebuild Default Buttons

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