Cancel last payment only

Is ti possible to cancel only the last payment on a ticket.

Currently the “Cancel Ticket Payments” action cancels all payments to a ticket.

I have laybys configured on my system so payments are made over different workperiods.

Currently if someone enters an incorrect payment amount, I have to cancel all payments and then change the date on the computer and re-add payments on the dates they were made.

This is obviously not an ideal solution.

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Thats an interesting one, thinking about it would be nice to have a simple way to allow this in general (probably on manager user/pin) to fix errors.
Perhaps a ‘Only Last Payment’ option like we have on ‘Cancel Orders’ action. I could make use of that…


That could be really useful id use that too

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Is there any chance of this ever being added. Its rarely an issue but when it is, its a pain and can cause a lot of mistakes.

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