Cancel selection and custom report

My pos setting for ordering is like this;
Pick table/delivery/take out
Select food
Click close and it will print orderto kitchen

If i want to void an item, all i do is click the item that i want to void and click void button on the left side, click close and it will print a void item to kitchen.

The problem is, if the employee
click a wrong item,i dont have the option to cancel it. So i have to click close so it will send the order to kitchen and i will open it again, pick the item and hit void.
Can someone show me how to add a cancel button or how to unclick item without sending it to kitchen?

Also how to write custom report like this?

Program Settings > Maintenance > Create Default Buttons.

I got the button back! I love this pos!

Ok now is there anyway that someone help me figure it out the template for the custom report please?