Cancel Selection

I need an action or someway to cancel the current selection.

I have set up a system to tag items to serve first or hold as shown below. I need to system to cancel the selected items once either button has been pressed, this is to save time from having to uncheck everything and check the other items to tag them as hold.

em to

The default buttons are missing. They used to be hard-coded, but they were removed so that they can be customized.

Manage > Settings > Program Settings > MaintenanceRebuild Default Buttons

This will bring back the following buttons by creating Automation Commands, Actions and Rules:

Default Ticket Note
Default Cancel Orders
Default Move Orders
Default Change Price

Oh no no, I fixed that already. What I mean is to cancel the selection not cancel the item. Like Deselect the two item I have selected there to tag. Be nice to know but I would like to know if there is a way.

Anyway I would like to move this conversation back to the other topic since that is the workaround i came up with. All items are automatically set to hold and i select the items I want and hit serve first. Or hit serve all to change all item tags to All Together.

Should be able to press close button to deselect.

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I need to be able to deselect them so i can select other items to tag as something else. At the moment I have to click on each item to deselect and then select the new items which is very time consuming.

Make a Display Ticket action leave it blank. Assign it to an automation command button. Map the button to order line.

So to sum it up:

Create Display Ticket action
Create Automation Command named whatever you want and map it to order line.
Create an Automation Command Executed rule to handle the Command
Add Display Ticket action to rule leave Ticket Id blank.

Now when you press your button it will deselected everything at once.

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Cheers i’ll Implement it soon as I get back to my PC