Cancel specific payment type

If a customer makes partial payment by cash (€50) and by cheque (€500) for example but the cheque bounced a week later.
How can I cancel just the cheque payment.

I have tried what QMcKay suggested here but Samba Crashes How to cancel payment only withe specific payment types:

Is it possible to enable the use of a - on the payment screen so I could just settle with a -500 to cancel out the original payment?

In the case of bounc3d check you wouldnt want to cancel it. You would use a corrections account and move money to it.

If you cancelled it then you lose record of it. Create a corrections account and a transaction type to move money into it. Do your correction from acvounting not the ticket. You can mark ticket as bounced check if you want. This will give you a running total of dollars bounced as well so you can track that.

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