Canceled tickets

Is there a way to visualize in a list all the canceled tickets?

I also want to check who canceled each ticket and limit who is allowed to do that and who is not.

I would be really glad if anyone can help with this.


Are you talking about the new Cancel feature just added? More details about what you are talking about would help. When you say cancelled tickets what do you mean?


Thank you very much for your fast answer.

I am very new on this, I am the one taking care of the system now and I don’t have much experience, so I apologize for the noob questions, I have read most of the tutorials, but I feel I need more tutorials for a more beginner level.

When I talk about cancelled tickets I mean a ticket that it’s invalid, The purchase was never ended or done. For example, if the waiter enters an order by mistake or the client leaves earlier, any situation like that.

I am trying the last version and I don’t see the Cancel button anywhere.

Thanks again

You can but its not built in by default you would have to build it yourself. I have one in my system called Abort Transaction and it runs its own accounting for tracking. My database is available under the Prebuilt Databases forum category. You can look at it and learn from it if you wish.

I will be honest and tell you that its not something you will be able to do at a beginner level. In fact following a tutorial to do it would probably frustrate you as well. The best advice I can give you as a new user of SambaPOS is to understand what SambaPOS actually is and why it is different than traditional POS software.

SambaPOS is not just a free POS package. It is quite possibly the ONLY POS solution that allows you to 100% completely customize it to your business needs. What I mean by that is if you are seeking something easy to setup and quick that just gets the job done… SambaPOS may be the software for you if your ok using its out of box setup. But if you want your POS software to do something specific that your old POS wouldn’t… SambaPOS is the software for you, however you have to build it yourself through studying the tutorials and interacting with the forum. SambaPOS is designed to be EXTREMELY flexible in that regard you will never get any benefit from SambaPOS unless you truly study it and learn how to build it to your business needs.

In short SambaPOS can virtually do anything you wish it could do. Study it deeper and you will understand what I mean by that.

PS: You can do it. I have only used SambaPOS since July 12. Best thing I ever did was ask questions, study every tutorial I could, and read other peoples questions and just tried everything I could. I messed up many databases and had to restart.


I have followed your advice and I am understanding more about SambaPOS.

What I meant in the first question is how to check who voided the orders? To have some kinf of report of who has voided.