Canceling ticket

i have select few item in C-1 (which is my tables for customers) and close the ticket (not settled) and start adding item in C-2 when i go back to C-1 and add some more items and want to cancel few item it is not working it saying i have to void the item not just cancel this is happening now before it was working fine i dunno what i am gonna do.

Note: this is and V4

This is normal behavior for Samba. I’m not sure why your system was allowing you to use Cancel on a submitted item.

Once a ticket is closed (not paid) the new items status is going to change from New to Submitted. The proper way is to use Void for the any submitted item. You will just have to get use to proper way to do things


so which means somehow I was availing the benefits of doubt now system knows and it fix the bug

My guess would be Yes.

This is reasoning behind the Cancel and Voiding.
Cancel: Allows to user to remove any mistakes while entering orders.
Void: Notifies the kitchen that there is a change on a order. If an order disappears, it is harder for the kitchen to figure out, or notice, there is a change on an order. This also helps reduce employee fraud (printing a bill for a customer and canceling an order(s) before payment and pocketing the difference).

Once the ticket is closed orders are submitted and save in db so cant just be deleted, instead cancelled.
This is also a financial/logging/fraud thing thats not uncommon.
It is also the case as submitted would have been sent to kitchen etc so a voiding ticket would also need to be generated so they know to cancel.
Cancel isnt printed as isnt saved on ticket.
My system i dont use default cancel at all, i have 2 types of void one mimicing cancel for new items but not deleting and void with admin pin. That way its a simple easy solution for monitoring cancells made by staff while allowing easy cancel but pin protected void.