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Hi Jesse & all,
Have followed your hold button guideline, I did mistake unknowingly due to the status and current status positioning in my PC. However, am very happy that i could get the results. I am a non IT person, it took me days to accomplish the result as i could not realize my input mistakes.

Further, in the end of the post, you mentioned about custom cancel route, can you please help me over it.

In my situation, Hold option works great, when I Unhold ticket> the status becomes Unpaid and Hold order items becomes New Order, thereafter if I try to cancel the order item (which is now “New”), cancel button does not work. the Item remain in the order.

Is this a real problem or have missed or unable to follow the guidelines when setting up the hold steps.

note : please forgive me for any mistake as this is my first forum.

Thanking you all for the guidelines.


You won’t be able to cancel. You must use void. Cancel only works if you never closed the ticket yet.

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In my system I handled this my having a custom staye for cancel type that replicates new orders for new cancel and hold process changes that to hold cancel. Normal ticket closing changes the cancel state again, can’t remember if removes or changes to submitted or something else but that then makes cancel not available once properly submitted.
I then adjusted the visibility of 2 cancel buttons, default that shows for new cancel items and one that mimics void on hold cancel items.
I tell a lie, actually I don’t use origional cancel at all anymore at least, I have a cancel gstatus that is similar to void but isn’t restricted like void is, that gives me simple tracking on cancells rather than just removing complely but the buttons part is relevent all the same.
The above along with organising sorting on command buttons means through the flow the spot where cancel is shows a cancel button without admin pin restriction for new and previously held but still ‘new’ orders and then void with admin pin once submitted.

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Thanks for the kind reply. Noted.

Thanking you for your kind reply. Noted.
Sure, will try it and share my situation.

Thanking you all.


This was my hold setup, but doesn’t cover the cancel/void part, that was a later addition.

Please possible to share the steps of the later addition. If handy with you Sir.

Thanking you.


Will try and remember when next at pc with that dB loaded.

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Hi Sirs,
please guide us, please.

Simplest is just use void.

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Message noted with thanks.