Cancelling an entry to the Ticket before closing

Hi Everyone,

Just been migrated from V3. No problems.

Just, I could not locate the “Cancel” button on the ticket screen enabling me to cancel wrong entries before the ticket is closed.

Could someone help me out how I can create that “lovely” button.

Thanks and cheers,


It is a default button should be there… did you upgrade bringing V3 data with you?

Just to confirm you do need to select the products to be canceled yer, it shows on the order screen rather than ticket screen.

Go to settings > program settings > maintenance and click on the create default buttons


Yes JTRTech, it should be Order Screen. I have misexpressed myself :slight_smile:

Perfectly solved. Thanks a lot…

kendash has the solution, was going to suggest that but couldn’t remember if it was a V5 feature or not.

That will rebuild all the default buttons or you can just re-make the cancel button manually.

Rebuild default buttons solved the issue :slight_smile: thanks

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