Cannot able to Activate Database tools module

hello i have bought the Database tools module. but in my panel i cannot able to activate them??

Hello. Please login to and check “My Products” link if it is listed or not. If not please PM me your account name. Thanks.

Thanks it shows and now i m able to install it.
i have just install the SambaPos4 to use in my restaurant.
it is very good product.

but i dont understand how can i use my currency € with this software??

If you’ll use single currency you won’t need specific configuration however if you need multi currency support read documentation.

i only need single currency, but cannot able to do this with € (euro).

Yes, you can use Euro, or any currency that suits you.

By default, SambaPOS does not use any specific currency, though it does use some of the parameters from your OS’s Regional Settings such as date/time format, and numbering formats for thousands separator and decimal point notation.

If you are trying to change the $ symbol that may be present in SambaPOS, you will find this in Management > Settings > Printer Template > Ticket Template. Look for something similar to the following and substitute your own currency character: