Cannot Change Table Colour on Network

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I have read every topic on this matter, but no luck.
I have 3 workstations. Server, Workstation 2 & 3. The Entity Colour does not change when i add a order or print bill. i have made sure that the actions and rules are the same as my previous SambaPOS (which worked) but still no luck.
I never had this problem before i started using the SQL Database with more than one 1 PC…
any idea how to fix this?

You need to make sure the message server is working and is connected to all terminals. If colours arent updating its because message server is communicating to all terminals to perform the updates

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it keeps saying message server not connected…

Search the forum for message server theres lots of thibgs about getting it working, heres one that might help

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Okey, i have set this up, all workstations showing connected, but the entity colours still doesnt update or change…

These are all my rules and my states… Could you please tell me where i went wrong??

Do they change color on the Server?

Havnt shown your entity screen settings, be sure you have set the display state.

I accidentally used State and not Status at the entities display state. so its working half and half. it still not changing all of the colours. just some of the entities.
All entities are actualy available, which all should be yellow. except Pub 5, which is currently in use.

Grey usually means that hasnt been used as default entity ststus is blank, available state is not set till first ticket is closed.
Make ticket on 1 then change table to 2 and so on to go though all of them, then void it.

Also looking at your rules not sure why you have combines print and unlock? You really want to print ticket when you unlock?

okey, i will do that, and BAR 13 that is green? It is also suppose to be yellow.

Id guess maybe it was in use while you have been messing with automation.
State updates onle happen on events, ie if you change automation to set state of unoccupied rather than available it wouldnt change all tables that are curently available to unoccupied. Hence the sugestion above to ‘refresh’ entitiy states following automation changes.

no i want to unlock the ticket, or rather, it must not lock at all. it confuses my print mapping. the * at the visibility and enable state for print bill… it still doesn’t change it. it still stays greyed out.

Thats because you have set unlock ticket to just do the same as print bill… there is no unlock automation in that rule.
Unlock rule still there or you deleted it? you have edited the default rules and messed it up and unfortunatly are facing the knock on effects.
You dont need to lock the ticket if you dont want to.
Not sure where lock is happning as its in the print bill rule normally.
Expect you have multiple rules running side by side and have just created new rules leaving the default ones active.
Lock is usually in print bill rule;

And unlock has its own rule;

If ticket is not locked on printing then there is no nead to unlock.

Your shown rules does not show a lock ticket action hence the guess that you have multiple print bill rules.

i only have the 1 print bill rule

Just because the rule names are differect doesnt make them uniquie, they can still have similar actions within them…
You say only one print rule but see one there called guesthouse bill which im guessing is printing something, although likly unrelated im just making a point.
In the same way your unlock and print rule is doing two events you can have two rules act on one event.

i just cloned the print bill rule. if a waitron select guestouse bill, it prints 2 bills.

Show that rule?
Also show the unlock rule.