Cannot change Table Colour

I am very new with Samba POS here. I have a problem about the colour of the new table added to the screen. I don’t know how to make all tables the same colour.
I try so many way, changing colour in the Entity Screens, but the colour still doesn’t change. Anyone can help please.


Second problem, I have created Entity Screens, but whenever I sign in, the default screen will be at the Dinner Dine in. Is there anyway to remove the default or change to different Entity?

Thank you very much.

Jing (NZ)

Hello @aru1gj01

In case you provide Anydesk Id via PM, we can check the situation out for both cases.

The ones in gray mean they do not have a state yet. White means they are in Available state. That is actually normal. When you open one of the gray tables and close it. It will change to white. You can also fix that in entity type settings the option to set a default state. Set it to Available. Next time you create an entity it will set it to available state automatically