Cannot find the save button for creating or editing States

Looks like you have a lozw resolution screen.
Maybe try changing the zoom in the local->display settings to say 80%.

YES the Text Size on my laptop is blown up to 300% after Win10 update! I scale back down to a non-recommended setting and see the button now.

However, in my 1920x1080 screen, using the windows mode, the button is still outside the bond even if you maximize it. Only when it loads in full screen mode then I can see the button with the lower scaling. In the 4K 2nd display, the scaling works in all modes.

You can scale within samba…
On the 15" screens I use I often set to arround 80-85% in samba to give a little more view/real estate as that shrinks areas not settable like left hand ticket level commands etc and gives more viewable data in settings section

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I see, there is also a display setting in Samba for scaling. Thanks for the reminder.