Cannot purchase licence

Im trying to purchase a licence for a new location using the account is

When i click the purchase button nothing happens. No error message nothing. Ive checked the cc info and everything is correct.

Is there a problem withe backend?

Can you try removing any saved cards and enter it again.

It’s a new account, there are no saved CC’s in it. I’ve tried to buy a licence on several computers spaced several days apart but all the same. When I click on “complete purchase” the spinner appears and nothing happens.

Also there’s a weird message at the top of the store page: “You can buy license for SambaPOS products from store. Please register if you don’t have a license account.”.

Can i get in contact with support somehow because in would like to give sambapos my money but cannot.

You can contact for assistance

Your reseller is OrangePOS you should contact them.