Cannot purchase module with paypal tells me to use credit card?

Hi there i would like to purchase the Backup database module with paypal but it tell me to use credit card instead ?

Buy the way great product you have ?

Why dont you upgrade to V5 to have far more features and have that module inclded in the price

Yes thanks will be looking at upgrading to ver 5 further down the track just need the backup module for ver4 at this stage

Hey rin1010 @emre probably will swing by here to answer that question as PAYPAL is currently unavailable but is being sorted out.

Thanks Pauln much appreciated

Hello @rin1010. PayPal suspended their service on our country because of some legal issues between gov and PayPal. Because of that we removed paypal payment option until we find a solution. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll bring it back as soon as possible but unfortunately I’m not be able to tell when.

Ok thanks for the update Emre