Cannot Select Inventory Item in Warehouse "Purchase" Screen

Hey guys I don’t know if the design is like this or I’m doing something wrong or if it’s a bug, but I have been testing out inventory and found an issue.

I noticed that when I go to select Inventory Item from selection menu using a mouse, I am unable to.
I somehow managed to do it once only and I could not reproduce it again.
Below is what I mean.

If I just type the name and press TAB, it works, but shouldn’t you be able to select it also by just using a mouse or touch input?

This was tested with SambaPOS 5 version 5.2.11(Beta) and I just installed and downloaded latest 5.2.12 and it still does the same thing. Can’t select it using mouse.

Thank you very much for reporting. It will work fine on next update.


I guess it was a bug then haha.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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