Can't align thermal printer itherm280 many options tried

I’m running an Ithaca iTherm280 under ESC/POS emulation and I can’t seem to get it to align correctly when printing. I’m wondering if anyone can help me with the configuration. This is my first printer setup, but I have a bunch of these at the restaurant and I would prefer not to buy different ones.

No matter what I put down for line character count it seems to run over. Additionally, it seems like my configuration isn’t respecting margins. A configuration print on from my printer shows paper width 80mm 576 dot and 72mm print zone, so I don’t think the printer is set incorrectly. Font is set to 13x24. The annoying part is that the printer is all done through the feed and power button, so changing settings on the printer takes a lot of paper. Any ideas how to remedy this. The driver is installed correctly on the pc. I’m not sure where the problem is.

Pretty much solved: Double check the baud rate on your driver settings.

I had switched my baud rate prior to changing my emulation to ESC/POS based upon the current settings. Baud rate must change based upon the emulation mode. I just updated the baud rate on my driver and its good to go.

The only annoyance is there is an unequal margin on each side of the receipt. Any solutions?


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You may configure margins if your printer driver supports that. Some printers supports narrower page or bigger fonts (42 chars per line) configuration. That might look better.

These are my configuration options:

It looks like my paper size is correct. iTherm280 supports 80mm. My settings at 80mm and 72 print zone. Maybe an issue with windows driver settings?


I just moved the paper over on the roller a little. Seems fine now.