Cant cash out zero priced order error on 12.40 misc ticket


I just got this error on sambapos5. Theres a misc button I created and the waitress today got the error that you cant close ticket with zero priced item but the misc item was at 12.00.

Any Idea?

How is it pricing it? From the information you gave us we can only guess.

There is a product called misc with a zero price. They type 12.00 on the keypad and pressed misc. most showed up as a 12.00 product and they hit close on the ticket so it locked. They went back into the ticket and it wouldn’t let them settle it with the error “can’t settle zero priced ticket” but the price was actually 12.40. She then voided the misc item and it the ticket disappeared.

So show the automation thats adding the price to the item.

Ill post that later when I get to the coney. So I guess the ticket was priced at 12.40 and they went to pay hit credit card and then i guess it said something about the item not matching up or something like that she forgot what the message said exactly. But then the ticket still existed, on main ticket order screen it said total is 12.40 but when they hit settle it said its -12.40.

My misc doesnt have an action. I just simply created an item called misc and set the price to 0. Then in the numberpad they hit 12 and press misc and it adds the product misc priced at 12.00 to the ticket.

Is there a chance this could be a user error? Maybe they did more than just what they told you?

This doesnt help fix the error you just had but here the way i process a miscellaneous item in V5, this allows you to add a price and give the misc item a description that will also print on the receipt should you need to see what the item was you actually sold

Iv seen this happen before on a completely different setup at a pizzeria but it was a normal item. They told me exactly what they were doing

@emre any ideas on what could be causing this issue? The total went negative 12.40. I don’t know how that could of happened.

Hmm… hard to guess. Maybe operator typed “-” manually via keyboard?

@emre But the ticket closes fine when you manually type -12.00 for misc item. Before when they got that error it wouldnt let them close the ticket until I went there and went to the payment screen pressed 0 then cash, then it closed out.

I used the default sambapos5 database and really made no changes besides the products and order tags.

@Hasa During implementation I try to handle all cases I can think but operators may enter unexpected values that may lead to issues. For example they can enter 0,000000001 as quantity or 12.4555555 as price without noticing what they did. I’ve tried some weird inputs but couldn’t reproduce something like that. I’ll be glad if you let me know when you notice something related.