Can't connect sambapos from client pc to a server

I am trying to connect sambapos from a client computer to a sambapos server within the same network. I am able to connect databse from the same pc, but not from a client pc. The connection string parameters on server pc are

Following are named pipes and TCP/IP Configurations from server pc.
Client Protocols
Protocols for SQLExpress

Following are IP settings enabled from SQL Server Configuration Manager
IP1 Settings
IP All Settings

Connection Error from Client PC and connection string parameters are:


You can update and install the latest currently supported version of SambaPOS found here.

You can find our knowledgebase on this subject here.

Set all “Dynamic Ports” to 0 and retry. This and “TCP Port” 1433 need to be set for each interface listed.

Do you have TCP ports 1433 and 9000 open in the firewall on the server?

Check firewall should be on and turn off public firewall

Turning off firewall isnt best advice, turn of tempoarraly to see if firewall rules is the cause but best not to be used as final solution. Correct rules should allow access with firewall on.
Also if network setup properly you wouldnt usually be using public network for local lan anyway.

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Alternatively change the connection string from hostname(which is what is currently shown in the screenshot) to (“ip address of server”,“port number”)
Such as ",1433"

If that doesnt work, then like previously suggested by memo, change “Dynamic Port” to 0, under “IP All” section.

If that doesn’t work also, then check your advanced firewall settings and enable port “1433”.
Once this is done… do a ping test to server from client… make sure it can ping fine.

If it pings fine, then you should have no issues connecting client to server.

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