Can't connect to database with current setting. How to solve this

I have installed the sambaPOS v4. I have just change the database path than restart the POS. But every time I get the message - “Can’t connect to database with current setting. You can check and modify the connection string shown below”.

Data Source=D:\bubbleData\BubblePos3-gp-08-09-16.sdf

I also remove the path to try with the default database but become failed to run this.

So I reinstall the sambaPOS , localdb, and the .Net framework 4.5 but not solved yet.
I also search in this forum but didn’t get any solution.

Is there anybody for help me please?

An SDF file is a SQL CE (compact edition) database. Your connection string in the case of CE should just be the path to the file, without “Data Source=”, for example, simply this:


You should consider upgrading to SQL Express. You will need to convert your CE (sdf) database to SQL Express (mdf). SQL CE will give you problems eventually, so the upgrade is highly recommended. Then your connection string will look different, using the “Data Source=” part.

Also recommend trying v5. It is free unrestricted trial and worth trying as v4 will never get any more updates.

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I have downloaded the SQLEXPRADV_x86_ENU but couldn’t install this. Every time it gave me a message extraction failed.
So I have no progress to solve this.

Sounds like a bad download. SQL is a large file…