Can't get terminal to switch printer

I’m trying to setup a TM-T88V to a server terminal. Doesn’t matter what I do I can’t get them to connect. In fact I can tell the terminal to use one of any 5 printers in my restaurant and it still prints on the bar printer. Works fine outside of Samba and it shows up in my list of printers in Samba but when I select it, it still prints on the bar printer (which is also a TM-T88V but with a different name). Anyone had this problem and fixed it? I’m about ready to wipe out all printer settings and start over to see if that works… But boy will that suck if it doesn’t!

Post some screenshots of your setup, including your windows printer settings.

Are you printing to shared printers? Are the share names different?

All printer are shared as none are connected to the server.

Kitchen and Receipt 1 work fine

Wait doesn’t respond on samba but works fine on Windows from any of the 3 terminals. Kitchen and Receipt 1 are both connected to my bar terminal (pos-1) and the wait is connected to my waitress terminal (pos-2). One more thing I should mention - some days I’m not able to edit from the pos-2 terminal and others I am not for no reason I’ve been able to find. Waiters aren’t able to type in the order tag window either… Not sure if these if all this could be related??

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You need to specify your Printers in SambaPOS as:


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Where do I do that? They don’t appear like that in printer settings…

You type it in. Just because there is a dropbox does not mean you cant type in it.

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Tried both of these with no luck. The bar printer (the one that works) doesn’t have the share name (RECEIPT 1) in the printer path as I selected it from the drop down and it works fine. Same goes for the kitchen printer but if I try and print receipts from kitchen printer it also still comes out the bar printer.

Did you intentionally added two mappings to Print Bill Print Job?

No, initially it was only RECEIPT in Print Jobs. I only added that to see if it would fix my problem. Initially I had 3 terminals:

Server- no printers
Pos1 - 2 TM-T88V printers - Kitchen Printer and RECEIPT (also used for Report) and both were shared because I knew eventually I would add an RDP for the server
Pos2 - 1 TM-T88V printer which was also set to RECEIPT and REPORT but was not shared

Seemed wrong but both POS terminals worked with their RECEIPT printers and both worked with the kitchen printer so I left it… Until I hooked up an IPad to the server via RDP and set it to use the Pos1 RECEIPT for both Receipts and Reports. Ever since then I can’t get Pos2 to interact with it’s printer in Samba.

To separate prints by terminal (eg. all terminals will print to their own printer) you need to configure separate print jobs, Execute Print Job actions and Execute Bill rules for each terminal. You can map rules to terminals so each terminal will print to their own printer.

How would I go about doing this? The RECEIPT printer seems to be the only one that works. All 3 printers will print the bill if they’re the one selected under RECEIPT printer but I can’t get any of them to print a bill when set to WAITRESS printer (I get the Check printer and print jobs error) . I have mapped the WAITRESS printer with the RECEIPT printer under the print bill rule but not sure what to do in the Automation Command.

I still haven’t resolved this problem. Is it possible that I have corrupted the software in all my attempts? Is there a way of deleteing my printer settings within Samba and starting fresh? As I said before, all 3 printers work fine on Windows. Should the printers be setup on their corresponding terminals or should everything be configured through the server? Emre asked if I intentionally added another printer to the “print bill” job. Wouldn’t I if I wanted 2 printers to print bills or can I somehow configure 2 different printers to work on the same “RECEIPT” print job? So confused now on something I’m sure should be simple and self explanatory!

Did you try what Emre said with using separate print jobs, actions,and rules?

Only so much I’m prepared to do right now as it being the weekend and the system is live. Can I clone the print job, rule and action and just change the names? Say by just adding a 2… Example: Print Bill 2 ?? Thanks for the almost instant response by the way!

Yes but you need to edit them with the new information. The rule would need the new action. The action needs the new print Job.

It worked!!! Thanks for all the help guys.

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