Can't open aplication because a conection string problem

I made a mistake and now the post won’t run

:sob::sob:any one who can help me?

That i obviously not correct string.
What database type do you use?

Were can I see this information

do u have sql server

yes but i dont know how to use this

this is the connection string error of sql server u have to update correct string of your sql server
string example something like this.

Data Source=Admin; User Id=sa; Password=sa123; Database=SambaPOS4;

You have to find your computer name sql instance id and password and database name

any hit were do i have to searche for ?

this you can find in sql server if u know about sql

i’ll have to learn more obout sql now, any link for this topic?

there are many topics about this better you take some one to your pc who is aware about samba and sql

Do you have more than one till?

sorrt what do u mean by till?

that mean u have single pos hardware system on counter or you have more devices like tablet for order taking or additional counter or television for kitchen orders

More than one device running samba.

Just one terminal running I reboot my laptop and wanted to reinstall samba then I was supposed to backup the database for continue working

Try removing that c:/ line in error, won’t make any worse and if you opted for localDB on install local db connection string is auto/empty I believe

Thanks it work perfect

So guessing your using localDB version of SQL.
Check by taking samba out of full screen and checking Windows header which is suffixed with database type.
Ie CE or SQ
SQ covers localDB and express but without connection string it would be localDB

i now have a problem login to the market i want to reconect my database

Don’t duplicate post, you will not get quicker answer - just another people.