Cant Print Logo [Printer Setup]

i am trying to print logo on dot matrix tm u220 but unable to do so.

if i use command in template it prints special charaters
if i select logo from the printer preferences it shows me the logo there but dont print

my basic aim is to reduce the ticket header space…its wasting few lines when it prints
i know its not directly related to sambapos but nay help will be appreciated


Have you tried the Logo flash utility for the printer from below link.

TM Flash Logo Setup utility Ver.2.60Ec

It would be useful to show example of actual receipt print output,Printer Template and how you have configured the printer settings. You can refer to below link.

Printer Types
Ticket Printer: Native printing for ESC/POS compatible thermal or dot matrix printers.

Other Settings
Character Set: If your printer is ESC/POS compatible and you selected Ticket Printer type enter your printers language code here to support printing language specific characters.
RTL Support: Some ESC/POS compatible printers does not support RTL printing. In this case you can try fixing printer output by using this setting.

i have tried the flash logo setup but nothing happen

i dont if i was wrong or what?

but if i know how can i remove the assign space for logo that can do also

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