Cant see login link in samba market

Hello guys,

I have a situation with one of my clients setup, He was using local DB and it had been activated and when he got a second PC we changed his database type to SQ to accommodate client PC. Not sure how but i simply made a backup from the other db and restored it in the new db. For some reason the new db is not activated and the activate button in on the license module is greyed out. I tried the solutions in the forum but non worked major issue is that i cant even see the login link in the top right under samba market.

I reset the key in the clients account but to no avail even after uninstalling module, restarting and reinstalling again nothing seem to bring back my login link or the client user id to show that i am logged in or not.

Any clues will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

If you can’t see link in upper right it means you have no internet

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Thanks @Jesse for some reason having 2 connection one for lan and the other for the internet sambapos could not sense the connection until i had to remove the LAN cable and only left the modem.

Thanks a lot.

Guessing la is wired and internet is via wifi?
Windows itself prioritises LAN of WAN as far as im aware. Never found where windows stores its network connection priorities.
Your first lan will undoubtibly still have a gateway and dns address set which will make windows try and use it for Internet too.
If using network ip it would drop back to the second network interface if bad range or not found but but for internet connectivity it would have been told where to connect to doe DNS etc and a computer by default can only have one Internet connection that it actually uses at any one time.
Load balancing or bonding is usually handled at network level at the router.