Can't seem to Change the Cash Button Colour on the Delivery Screen

Hi guys I am trying to change the colour of the CASH Credit Card button on the Delivery screen with no luck.

What I have tried to do so far I have gone into Manage>Tickets> Delivery Cash and Credit card (Which is greyed out but I could select it changed the colour to green but it did not show a green button for CASH etc.

When I made the work Cash to all capital letters it updated but the colours did not.

I then tried to change the colour in Desing Mode directly on the Delivery Screen by going to settings Ticket Lister: (Note this look like html code and I entered and tags

This color refuses to change lol, however I notice Pay Ticket by cash Command:

On entity screen any settings like that will be on the widget itself, its only mapped buttong than are set via automation commands section.

If anything the closing colour would be at the end however expect color like that will more likely be text colour rather than background.

Take a look at block and panel formatting expressions;

There is likly actual use case examples on forum if you look to delivery screen setups.