Cant sort how to get barrels, pints and halves

Cant get my head around where I should be entering barrels, pints and halves so that the Warehouse is showing what stock is available. Have read QMacay tutorial on inventory but cant sus this one out.

as I understand it your unit should be the smallest size or smaller that is easily multiplyable to common sizes.

So that means I would have to use a half pint as the smallest unit, then pint would be 2 units which would come out of a barrel with 176 units in. Does that sound right.

I hate inventory and so far have got away without having to get to in depth but thats what I have seem Jessie recommend.
Or perhaps fl oz making 10 for half and 20 for pint.

Fl oz would make sense Joe. I purchase by the barrel which has 11 gallons in it or 88 pints so I want it to count down the pints and halves.