Captive service

I thought you were a unifi fanboy but not sure where I got that from. I am a strong supporter of their APs, solid centeral you controlled and can be afordably sourced on eBay. Great when you have 14 off APs like we do at the hotel.

It also mentions a free account but it makes it seem like you have to subscribe so I got a little concerned.

They were also a bit odd about some “normal” things - they took payments automatically from your card every 3,6,12 months depending on the plan you subscribed - nothing strange there - but if you wanted to change the card they took payment from, there was a few $ fee for doing that! First company ever I saw doing that!

Well I setup a new Verizon onetalk phone system and was talking to a rep about a redundant 4g backup internet system that would kick in automatically. He recommended the cradlepoint. So after researching it I really liked it.

Yeah but if I recall the free account is pretty restricted in what you can do with it. When we used it, we used the social plus plan, the lowest priced one above the free plan.

When we used it for a client, it was a few years ago now, it used to be you could force a Facebook check in to get access to free wifi, very useful for marketing. However not long after Facebook changed their policy and stopped allowing forced check ins.

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The drayteck modems support a backup connection via USB modem or seccond WAN port if that’s important. Although over the air internet choices are more limited in US I believe. UK is lucky to have a wide choice on that front.

I have business cell phones from Verizon already so all I pay is $10 to add a Sim card to my unlimited account and I put it in my cradlepoint. So for $10 month I have a 4g backup system that kicks in instantly if my main internet goes down.


It wasn’t cheap cost me just under $500 I think $486 or so for the router.