Captive service

I have a new cradlepoint ibr600b router

It supports captive portals and I’ve found it supports my router. Anyone have any other suggestions ?

If it works well, then I dont see why not.

Alternative options I would find would be one of those Asus routers that have in built self managed hotspot that can be configured to your specs.
I know naresh uses something like that.

Works a charm and I think you can get the 3G/4G version too.

But I dont know how much the cost difference would be between both.

I love my router… im specifically looking for captive software services to work with my router. Radius servers basically.

Hmm Ive never used that type of router before.

Does it perform well?

Very well. It’s a commercial iot router you can deploy multiples of them and manage them all from a central cloud. My actual lan is on a vlan.

You probably answered this question thousand times… Lets say you had 3 trucks running around, would it be possible to run SambaPOS over VPN and take the data out of high spec server? Even if you got it get data am I right to assume it would be really laggy?

With SambaPOS 5 yes. The tech that Emre was working on with SambaDNA would have ran smoothly on just about anything.

SambaPOS 4 and 5 just were not built to be multi branch. There is no good way to run it well outside of a local lan. Unless you had direct fiber between each node lol.

Ive seen bits and pieces, I think you even passed the link to it.

Is that an actual goal now, to have fully functional POS that runs through browser apps? Or did I got it wrong?

That sounds like a really expensive setup haha

It wasnt really that it ran in browser… that was more of a demonstration that it could. It was how it was being built. It was a true hybrid it could run on cloud or local. It had a very unique distributing load.

Here was a quote Emre not too long ago said to me in staff forum.

“I’m working on finding ways to integrate SambaPOS to SambaDNA. It will take a little more time but I think we have things to do by making SambaPOS tasks work like SambaDNA cards :wink:

He was on to something and it was really going to be groundbreaking. We can hope someone else can pick up his work some day. I think SambaPOS team has a lot on their plate.

I am too wrapped up in my own thing going on but there were few clients that asked me about similar setup. I guess I am really looking forward on how that comes out. Especially if it was groundbreaking stuff!

I was actually recently speaking to a tech enthusiast about the future of POS systems. When the day comes and you order from a holographic interface directly from your table. A bit far fetched but I am sure we will be there in 10 years time. :smile:

Can I have access to staff forum? Haha
I would love to be more informed. :wink:

I dont doubt that for a second.

Really not much in there… it was mostly just Emre, Q, and Me shooting the bull and making fun of random forum members… lol seriously there was not much in there. Emre was very open about SambaPOS.

Aw never been this hurt in my life :sweat_smile:

P.S. Sorry for hijacking your thread, I am slightly bored today haha

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I’ve done quite a bit on captive portals. It’s a good way to capture info if that is a motivation.

I have used this before, just watch it though they charge based on users per month. I mentioned this in a few posts on the forum before.


Ive discussed our solution before.
Currently we use pfsense which is independent to hardware/access points etc and powerful with radius option. Although data collection is currently disabled since GDPR.
My unifi solution with GDPR acceptable setup is still a work in progress. It will use WordPress as the user system and auth users back to unifi via the systems API.

I signed up with hotspotsystem but man their service agreement is a little intimidating lol. 9 pages