Card/Eftpos Integration

Hello Any news On v5 be integrated with payment Processing
Tryed the search but not really found something definitive
Im in Canada if that matters

What do you mean by that? Samba does have Paymeny processing. Did you mena eftpos Procssing?

Integration with debit/credit terminal…samba sends amount to terminal and terminal sends info back

Its being worked on, there are many factors to take in to account.
The origional issue I faced while trying was i could send the amount to the machine but because it doesnt give the responce as a responce to the sending of the amount (delayed) it makes it trickier to receive the responce.
There was some posibilities when emre added the ability to make custom devices for samba.
THe other issue I had was mine is a purpose machine for this that is only connected to the terminal and uses its internet connection is that although it shows as a com port device the com port is used by there system/driver to securly back to them.