Carling Shandy help

On my bar pos I have draught beers which when you select say Carling it then goes to pint, half or jug. This is fine. What I want to know is how can I have Carling shandy, Carling dash or Carling and lime so this shows on the till as currently it will just show as carling pint, half or jug. This would stop us asking the customer what they ordered.
Await your replies.

We do shandy as a portion as stocktaker accounts for half lemonade
Dash and lime etc are in our priceless drinks general order tags as just preset notes/comments along with ice, no ice, lemon/lime etc for tablets ordering/table service, not used or tracked for stocktake or over counter sales on bar.

I would create Product recipes for “Splash of Coke”, “Splash of Sprite”, “Splash of Red Bull” etc. and then assign these products to Order Tag’s Product Column.

Hi Both
This is what I now have.

Is this the best way.

Depends if you need to track inventory or not.

Yes I would want to track inventory. What do you suggest to be the best way.

Since shandy is replacing beer I’d use portions rather than tags which are more like extras. Not sure if you can say negative beer plus lemonade on say a shandy tag.

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Thank you Joe
I have put in portions for shandy on all draught items and they are deducting from warehouse so half say carling and 280ml of lemonade.