Cash 2 tills seperately

I’m currently in the process of setting up 2 tills for use in a bar.

A problem I can’t seem to conquer is with cashing up at the end of a shift.

I need to be able to see totals for each till to count what is in each cash drawer. Combining both tills into one report makes it difficult to work out which till is up / down and to complete the end of day process.

I’ve seen a couple of different suggestions - such as completely seperate database on each till, this won’t work as we need to be able to access the tables & tickets across both machines.

Is there anyway to accomplish this across one database. I think this could be the dealbreaker over whether we go with sambapos or not.

Any suggestions that anybody has would be greatly received!


User different logins on the terminals - ie Bar 1 and Bar 2. This way you will have total sales per terminal.

Another way which is a little more effort is to have 2 ticket types, 1 assigned to each terminal. This will show as separate balances on the report.


This seems to be a big weak spot.

Both Tills are behind the same bar. They sell the same items and service the same tables. If someone creates a table on till 1, there’s every chance it would be cashed off on till 2.

I can’t see from the settings how I would do it. I created a different ticket type and assigned it to the terminal, but that didn’t do a great deal.

Different logins for each till is not going to work, the chances of someone forgetting and putting in the wrong login is too high.

we’ve made a decision to cash up the 2 tills as one sum rather than seperately for now so we can launch with it. The system is looking brilliant compared to the 2 uniwell tills currently in use which are about to shuffle off the mortal coil

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