Cash button behaviour

Hi @emre

Can the cash button do the following action:

  1. Do not close the ticket
  2. Do some calculation such as the total = total -15%
  3. Justeat = (total * 15%) + 20%
  4. The close of the ticket is done separately.

See Payment Processors > Add Calculation payment processor to add a calculation to ticket when paid with a specific payment type.


What about not closing the ticket when click CASH
is there any tutorial to give me more understanding.

Thank you

If I remember of top of my head closing ticket is in a payment processed rule with a constraint of remaining = 0.

Ive not got a stock system to hand, only my heavily customized setup.

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Payment processed rule closes ticket when remaining amount becomes zero. I strongly recommend to test your setups on a testing database as changing default rules without understanding how it works may easily break default workflow.

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