Cash button missing

I’m not exactly sure why, but My Cash button seems to have disappeared, and the Credit Card button is greyed out.

Here’s my payment screen settings

My Cash Acount screen

My Credit Card Screen

Transaction Cash screen

Transaction Credit Screen

Have attempted to remove and re add Default Mapping where * is in all columns. That did not work.

Any Ideas?

Your two payment types are customer payments - IE to pay a customer account not to pay a ticket directly beleive these fall under payment transaction.
You havent shown your payment types setup (tickets --> payment types) which is what defines the payment puttins on payment screen.
Show you transactions types list. and Payment types list.

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This is the transaction type list

This is the credit card payment type

Cash Payment Type

When I changed payment type to payment transaction, both CC and cash disappeared completely

Here is mine.;

You have customer account which is wrong firstly.
Plus you need to specify the payment account cash/credit card for the payment type…

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Sweet. That worked, except that even after I did what you said, it wouldn’t work. It seemed to have worked after I removed DEFAULT TARGET ACCOUNT.

Thanks buddy

Check the screenshot… no default target account set :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha yeah I saw that, followed it, worked :smiley:

Coming back to this, For some reason I’m having the same problem as before.
Except this time the credit card isn’t working >.<

I don’t know if I originally screwed up what was working before lol.
This is the Payment Transaction screenshot

And here is the Credit Card payment type

This is what shows on the settle screen.

Cash works, but don’t even see the Credit card button.
If you delete the Credit Card account, re add it without stating anything in Account, then it shows but can’t click it(faded).

can’t seem to figure it out.

Your Default Target Account in your Payment Transaction type should be Cash it should not be blank. Also be sure the Payment Type has default mapping.

If I did default target account to cash, wouldn’t that then make the credit card payments also go to the default target cash account? Originally I had it like this and it worked for cash button but still wouldn’t work for credit card button. As soon as I assign an account to payment transaction the the credit card button disappears.

Both have default mapping;

Check the Payment Account Type Rule …