CASH - Cash drawer

Hi All,
Could i have your advise, How can i open the cash drawer (JY-405) after press CASH button please

Please read or search in forum you have all necessary setup instructions.

Thank you gokulhirani

Hi gokulhirani,

the cash drawer connect to printer or connect computer please

the cash drawer connect to printer

thank you gokulhirani, i will try and let you know how i go

Hi gokulhirani,

Wish one should i select from printer properties as capture below please

It’s working now, thank you very much

Typically I recommend using XCT code for drawer kick rather than using driver option as driver option will open drawer on any bill print not just payment and will require a print fo a ‘no sale’ button, where an XCT code in its own template gives you control over who and when the drawer opens.


Most welcome my friend

Thank you again gokulhirani