Cash counting problem

Dear All,

How do I set up my Till Float system in a way that, when I start shift, it will request for currency denomination and do a final total.


When I start work period, it will prompt

Enter $100 Dollar Notes
Enter $50 Dollar Notes
Enter $10 Dollar Notes
Enter $5 Dollar Notes
Enter $2 Dollar Notes
Enter $1 Dollar Coin
Enter 50 Cents Coin
Enter 20 Cents Coin
Enter 10 Cents Coin
Enter 5 Cents Coin

then after ever prompt I will just key in the amount of
Like example:
Enter $100 Dollar Notes - 1
Enter $50 Dollar Notes - 1
Enter $10 Dollar Notes - 2
Enter $5 Dollar Notes - 2
Enter $2 Dollar Notes - 5
Enter $1 Dollar Coin - 10
Enter 50 Cents Coin - 10
Enter 20 Cents Coin - 10
Enter 10 Cents Coin - 10
Enter 5 Cents Coin - 10

then it will come up a final total:
Total Float: 207.50

and end of day it will when doing Balance float
It will request for the same information again.

Of course over at accounts, we should be able to view the float daily start and end denomination

Please assist.

anyone able to help???

Am not sure what your looking to achieve? Every place I have worked at or delt with keeps a fixed float total

This is not an easy question to answer. I assume you are looking for something like this:

I know @RickH has a similar “Cashout” screen.

But these are not a simple build, especially in my case, since I track 2 currencies. Maybe some day I will find the time to put together a generic Cashout screen Tutorial like this that others can use as a basic starting point.

There are a lot of Widgets and related Automation (Rules and Actions) in a screen like this, for example:

  • Automation Command Button Widget (big green button)
  • Label Widget (black area showing Worperiod Start/End, tied to JScript
  • Report Widget (Cashout Report), tied to Report
  • Editor Widgets (23 small boxes used for counts), affecting Label Widgets and Report Widget
  • Label Widgets (5 colored boxes (2 red, 2 green, 1 purple), dynamically populated via Automation
  • Keyboard Widget (numberpad) for touch-entry
  • Automation Command Buttons (floats), tied to [?prompt] actions
  • Rules and Actions to store values and calculate balances

Until someone builds a tutorial for this you are better off studying how the system works specifically learn how to use Label Widgets,Editor Widgets and how they can react with REPORT widgets on an Entity Screen. You can design one yourself if you can study it and learn how it works that is what QMcKay and what Rickh did.

If your wanting it done for you or a quick tutorial then you are out of luck atm.


Hello @QMcKay Yes, this is something we are trying to do.

Basically, when we start work period.
It should prompt something like that your HNL/USD.

Then we can enter how many pieces of notes/coins we have.

Example: 10 x $5 etc.

And end of day, when click Balance float, it will also show the same, then we will just key in the same.

Our problem is our float is not the same everyday.

Of course, we will need to have 1 “account/report” that will show us our float in denom daily.

And sorry for the extremely late respond.

@gokulhirani please note.

Can any one explain in brief.
I not required multi currency option.
but it just have function to add float money in pieces of note.
As per your(@QMcKay) example.

Update: Found it!, I’ll take a look at your database, thank you!

Wow, I saw the Rickh post before, he got the final version some days ago, but he still doesnt have time to make the tutorial, any news about this one?