Cash Drawer on Settle All

Hello All,

I have setup an Settle All button with loop function. And when i setup Open Cash Drawer when payment processed, the drawer opens multiple times.

How can I setup so that cash drawer will only open once when Settle All button is clicked.


LOL think about the logic of that setup for a moment. Payment Processed, your processing multiple payments from a loop… It makes sense if you put Open Drawer on Payment Processed the result would be as you explained.

Set it up to open when Button is pressed is your answer.

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I really couldn’t understand how it opens multiple times lol.

i assume since settle all loop function processes payments for multiple tickets. therefore process payment rule applies to all tickets.

hehe thanks. will try that.

You could constrain the drawer open action to a remaining = 0

That wont help. Every ticket will still be 0 remaining. He needs to put the action somewhere other than Payment Processed.


Fair shout, misread that, multiple tickets in loop :slight_smile: my bad