Cash Drawer opening all the time!


Just getting to grips with my first SambaPOS setup. the software is amazing and very customizable

The problem i am having is with my cash drawer, I have set it up exactly as in the ‘setting up cash drawers’ however the drawer opens on many different actions: when i click through to the payments page, click on settle button or the close button

I would like the drawer to only open when i click on the open drawer button or the cash button in the settle menu?

is there something really obvious that i am missing?


Sounds like you might have the action on a automation command executed rule without specifying a constraint.
Check your no sale/open drawer rule and make sure it has a constraint for automation command name equals (whatever your no sale/open drawer button is.
You will want two open drawer rules, one for the button and one for payment received equals cash.

Hi thanks! mucked around with the automation rules like you said and seems to have fixed it!