Cash drawer opening

hie,can somebody help me with configuring my cashdrawer,every time press the close button when im checking the price of an item and i press close ,it triggers the cashdrawer to open without any order being rang thru,i have put admin permissions but it doesnt help…i dont want it to open unless i press the CASH DRAWER OPEN button

Open your rule for the close button and remove the open drawer print job action you have put in there and save

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If thats not the cause theres other automation going on that you have setup that is causing it

If so youll need to show screenshots of all the rules you are using when performing the price check of an item as you described above

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Open drawer command is usually best on a payment processed rule.
I have mine on payment processed with constraint of payment type equals cash so it only opens for cash not card which are slipped through the slot on front of the drawer.

i saw that on the ticket payment check i put the casdrawer open command…now its fixed,thanx