Cash Drawer problem

I dont know what is going on. Maybe you guys can help point me in the right direction.

I have set up 3 locations and been using this software for a few years now.

Know my way around it pretty good, but the issue I am having is that at one location there is a
Station 1
Station 2

Only Server has the cash drawer and when you do a cash sell at Station 1 or 2, it opens the cash drawer and that is not what we want.

At another location, this has been working the way we want for years now.
Same setup.
Only the one machine WITH the cash drawer will open.

I have checked the printer mappings and there is a print job for cash drawer and its set to only the SERVER in the mappings.

These waitresses have their own “bank” with them all the time, and there is no need to open a cash drawer.

We have one cash drawer at the main computer and open it generally with just the open cash drawer custom button, or on cash sells

Try deleting the mapping and see if it still happens.

Then re-add it again, what happens then?

I tried the deleting of print mapping and readding and that had no effect.
I figured it out.
On the main server I had the open cash drawer printer set to \server\ticket printer
So each station saw that and thats why at each station, when they did a cash sell, it opened the drawer on the main machine that does have a drawer.
I set it to Ticket Printer and the one we want to open, works now and the others do not since they do not have a drawer and are not redirected " \server\printer " .