Cash float / Till float

Hi all

I tried following Rick Tutorial on till float

but i am not able to get it working on my V3 system. i understand its for v4 but im not able to find any solution on getting till float to work on my v3 system.

Appreciate your advise please…

Take a look at

That is the forum for V3, although very few people will still be using it. You are likely to get much better support for V4 (although that is also reducing). Many of us are using V5 which is free to try and only $99 for life if you decide to purchase it.

The $99 covers your entire deployment, there is no restriction on how many terminals or printers you have attached to the same database.

V5 offers so many powerful options, for the sake of $99 it’s difficult to argue a case for trying to develop for V3

Ive never used V3 so wont be much help there im afraid, best idea is to do as above and upgrade

I also dont use that method anymore as ive built a custom cashup screen instead that is much better when using V5