Cash-out, right way but little glitch....?

Okay, now I have a customer that wants to play on the slotmachines or needs money for the cigarrette vending machine. So I need a cash redraw, and transfer it to bank card.(Pin in Holland)
So step 1:

Make a transfer account:

Step 2:
Make 2 transactiontypes to transfer the money from the cash account onto the transfer account, and from the transfer account back to creditcard (Pin).


Now I make an Action with update order to transfer the money from cash to transfer:

And another Action to transfer the money from Transfer to Credit Card:

First we make an item in the menu to add to the ticket. The Group Code is important!

Now add the Item to a menu:

Now we make a rule to execute when we add cash to ticket:

The result:

Now here is the Glitch:

The receivable account charges the 20.00 twice… Any1 a idea?

I think because when you add product it already has transaction Sales<->Receivable but you also have Payment<->Transfer (Receivable).

BTW: you don’t want to record vending machine as Sales, right?

I think you may have to debit sale and credit cash.
I’m not account expert :stuck_out_tongue: I might be wrong.

True, don’t want a record of it, since it is no sale. Where is the account Guru when you need him :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think you just need only 1 transaction to debit sales and credit cash. Just execute this transaction when you add CASH product.

  1. Cash Product add to ticket (Sales <-> Receivable)
  2. Execute Transaction Type Cash Transfer (Cash <-> Sales)
    This should balance Sales account out and Receivable increase and cash decrease.
  3. Pay for ticket reduce Receivable and increase Payment.

I don’t know Debit/Credit side always confuse me just play with it.

Not quite what I ment. I need a simple sale but not registered in receiveble, from cash to credit card.
Since you can’t make a direct transaction from a payment to an other payment account, yo have to have a sort of in between account.

Receivable will always be 0 after settle. so, it doesn’t mean anything. You can add as many in between accounts as you want but in the end you just want to have cash decrease and no sales in report.