Cash Register Connection

Hello everyone. How to connect cash registers (like DATECS DP-150) and configure printing from SambaPOS?

:confused: This?

It is a cash register! You can’t connect it to SambaPOS, I can’t even imagine why anyone would want to? It is a basic standalone cash register, for those people who don’t want a POS…

To print from SambaPOS, you need to use a Thermal Receipt Printer, not this…

I don’t need to print standard checks through it, but make sure that a cash receipt is printed at the same time as the payment check from SambaPOS.

If you have SambaPOS, you don’t need the cash register…

Please tell me if I am missing something here because I see no reason you would have SambaPOS AND a cash register…?

Of course we need a cash register, since these cash registers send reports to our tax office and without them in any way. At the moment, we have to simultaneously work manually with the cash register.

Ok thank you for clarifying. Please understand because you did not mention that initially, anyone will wonder why you would use a cash register if you have SambaPOS, it is like a step backwards. But I understand now it is due to tax office regulation in your country (this is not something that happens in most countries BTW).

First thing I would say is, did you look to see if you can integrate with the tax office via an API or similar directly from SambaPOS, so you don’t need to use the cash register? Or possibly there is a different type of printer you can purchase that is a standard thermal receipt printer that connects via USB but also has electronic journal support and meets tax office requirements?

Maybe something like this?

Sorry I don’t have any experience with fiscal printers or requirements for tax office like this as we don’t do that in the UK. What country are you in? Maybe if you search forum with your country name you may find others who had and solved similar issues before as this type of question does periodically come up.

I’m from Georgia (country. not a state in US :slight_smile: ).
We often sell this in large stores. Example: the cashier’s workplace has a computer with some software for accounting goods. It has its own thermal printer for issuing a “local” store receipt, and a cash register registered with the tax authorities, connected via a COM port or other interface. In the check in the cash register only the amount is displayed. That is, you need to make sure that when SambaPOS prints a payment receipt, a command is sent to the cash register for how much payment was made. I mean that you do not need to print a receipt template from SambaPOS on the cash register, only send data about the amount.

I note the DP-150 has an RS-232 port (COM port) but there is no documentation on the website about what it does. You can check can it receive total price data via this port, then probably you can setup in SambaPOS to send that.

For sending it, you would just setup a printer to the COM port, probably using Text, Raw Printer or Port Printer type, then setup a Printer Template to send the specific data you need to the cash register (e.g. total price) in the format it needs. You could trigger to send (“print”) this on Payment Processed or similar.

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