Cash register obligation for companies

Does anyone know how to integrate the cash register (Registrierkassa) with samba, which is valid in some European countries. The following information is available for Austria, you can translate it on google. But the cash register must to work integrated with the finance ministry system. I wonder if anyone has any information on this.

There was a lot of talk about this from other resellers, I remember attempting to do this in Croatia and it was a matter of syncing every bill in XML format with the tax servers. I never finished it as I’ve moved to live in Cambodia.

But it wasn’t just sending the form in XML, you would get a code from the tax department and during the sync the tax server would send out another code that that would have to be printed on the bill. As a customer in the restaurant you could use these codes on a government website to check if this bill is real using a barcode, QR code or just manually inputting the numbers.

In my opinion this kind of syncing really limits what you can use and do with SambaPOS though but the fact is more and more countries are implementing this sort of tax monitoring.

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Yes we are working on it. We can give more information about this in a little time.


I made a script that export csv files and create an xml file to use it for the german gdpdu-01-09-2004.dtd GoBD law
Beschreibungsstandard-GDPdU-01-08-2002 - ohne Abbildungen - englisch.PDF (174,3 KB) .
Beschreibungsstandard-GDPdU-01-08-2002.pdf (643,6 KB) Certification-GDPdU-GoBD-Export-ERP-Producers_Audicon-GmbH.pdf (364,1 KB)